Feeling the luuuurve

So you know how sometimes you’re feeling really down? Like, really, really down? Too down to call your friends and moan about your downness? Well, I feel like that more often than I’d like, but today I found the cure.

My little sister Blue was in the bath because she’d rolled in the Country Fresh Manure that Mum got for the strawberries and I went in and stared at my huge pores in the mirror. I thought it might make me feel better because the mirror was so misted up it looked like I had zero pores.

‘Hello,’ said Blue.

‘Hello,’ I said gloomily. ‘Can you see my pores?’

‘What are pores?’

‘Holes in your skin.’

‘Ewww! You’ve got no holes in your skin,’ she said decisively. ‘You have no pores.’

‘Thanks!’ I said, and even with the misty mirror I could see a smile beginning on my non-porous face. That’s when I had my big idea.

I sat down on the loo seat (closed) and said, ‘Tell me why you love me.’

This is the kind of task Blue takes seriously. This is what she said:

Oooone: you are really pretty

Twoooo: you are really kind and you love me

Threeee: you do stuff for me (This is true. I have even been known to wipe her butt.)

Fouuuur: you are tall

Fiiiiiive: you let me do what I want

Siiiiiix: youuuu read me stories

Seveeeen: you cut up my carrots

Eiiight: you wear make-up and lipstick and I like it

Niiiine: you look after me

TEHHHHN!: and you give nice squishy kisses and hugs

So can you see why this cure works? Don’t I have the best lil sis in the world? She’s for hire.

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